About Jonelle


Jonelle, the owner of It’s Pawfect, has been grooming since 1994 and has loved the journey that has brought her to where she is today. Jonelle learned her skills from Diane from Indiana Bones, The temple of Groom where she also learned the fine art of hand scissoring.

After grooming and managing other shops, she decided to open one of her own in 2005 so she could, “Create the perfect place that is stress free, family oriented, fun and where I can have the freedom to teach people the art of grooming while being able to obtain the highest quality of service,” said Jonelle Shmoldas. Jonelle not only takes care of her only son, but she takes care of all the customer’s dogs as if they were her own children. She makes sure her son and customers know the importance of these beautiful animals and how we should care for them just as any other person.

Jonelle has created the perfect environment for her boarding dogs that reside on her ranch in Chatsworth.

Jade, Jonelle Shmoldas son, loves playing with the animals that board with her, and this gives them the chance to still be dogs and have the love and affection that they receive in their own home.